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Council District Map

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Council District Boundaries

In 2015, the City of Grand Prairie completed drawing new single member district lines creating two majority minority districts as part of a settlement of a voting rights lawsuit. The city’s six single-member districts had last been redrawn in 2011 after rapid growth created a population imbalance. 

In addition to the six single-member district City Council persons, voters elect two Council persons and a Mayor at large for a nine member City Council.

Your Council Members

The Grand Prairie City Council is made of six single-district council members who represent six council districts, two council members who represent the city "at large," and a Mayor who is also elected at large for a nine-member City Council.

The Mayor and council members are elected for three-years terms on a nonpartisan basis.

Current "At Large" Council Persons and Mayor

Current Single-Member District Council Persons 

Find your single-district council person by exploring the interactive map below or use the My Neighborhood Info tool to look up your council person by your street address.


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