An infestation of the destructive Emerald Ash borer beetle has been confirmed in Tarrant County. In an effort to slow the spread, the State of Texas has quarantined ALL brush and firewood from leaving Tarrant County.

As of April 12, 2019, residents of Grand Prairie who live in Tarrant County may no longer take brush or firewood to the Grand Prairie landfill. Because it is difficult to discern Ash tree limbs and brush from other species, the quarantine applies to ALL brush, limbs and firewood in Tarrant County.

Residents May:

  1. Leave brush on curb to be collected by the City Brush Crew during your regularly scheduled once-per month Zone service. Find Your Brush Zone
  2. You may take your brush to a Tarrant County location for a fee. The disposal fee is based on tonnage and waste type. Please call in advance for rates and operating hours.

    Arlington Landfill
    800 Mosier Valley Rd
    Euless TX, 76040

    Silver Creek Materials
    2251 Silver Creek Rd
    Fort Worth TX, 76108

We thank you for understanding this required change in service and for helping to save our urban forest by following these instructions. All species of ash are susceptible to the destructive insect. Infested trees die within two to five years. For more information, call 972-237-8151.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this apply to Dallas County?

No.  Only those Grand Prairie residents who reside in Tarrant County.

What about grass clippings?
Republic Services and/or the Brush Crew will not pick up grass clippings. FYI: Leaving your grass clippings on the lawn after you mow allows them to work back into the soil for a more natural and beautiful lawn. Grass clippings also make excellent compost for gardens. Otherwise, you can bag your clippings and bring them to the Grand Prairie Landfill for disposal.
What do I do with weeds I pull?
You may put hand pulled weeds in with your regular trash for pick up in your twice weekly garbage collection.
What about shrubs and leaves?

You may put shrub clippings, raked leaves and pulled weeds in garbage bags and place on the curb with your regular twice weekly garbage pick up. However, if you live in Tarrant County and the shrub limbs are large enough to be considered tree limbs, the whole bag will be left on the curb due to the quarantine. Shrub and tree limbs are to be placed on the curb for your regular once-per-month brush zone pick up (view Brush Zone Schedule). The city's Brush Crew will not pick up bags, only tree limbs and brush.

How long will quarantine last?
We do not know the answer to that question. We know that 38 states are now affected and no quarantines have been lifted in any of those states. So, only time will tell.
I don’t have ash trees. Can I put my bundled limbs and branches of all my non-ash trees out with my garbage?

No, not if you live in Tarrant County.  Yes, if you live in Dallas County. 

If you live in Tarrant County place your brush, limbs, and branches on the curb to be collected by the city's Brush Service during your regularly scheduled once-per-month Zone service (view Brush Zone Schedule).

You can also take your brush to a Tarrant County location for a fee.