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Request Locates with Texas811 and the City Before You dig!

Whether you are a homeowner planting trees or an excavation company digging foundations – everyone must check for underground utility lines before digging.

Texas state law requires that you must call 8-1-1 to locate natural gas pipes, electric lines and other underground utilities before digging to prevent damages.

In addition, if your project includes digging within any right-of-way in the City of Grand Prairie, you must contact the City to locate any water lines, sewer lines or traffic fiber optic lines.

These requirements are in place to help prevent damaging underground utilities. Careless digging ranks as the major cause of underground pipeline accidents.

Locate Water / Sewer / Traffic Fiber Optic Lines
Locate Natural Gas Pipes / Electric Lines / Underground Utilities
locate Buried Lines that Belong to Property Owner
Damaged Lines When Digging