Tips for Preparing for Winter Weather

When winter weather arrives in Grand Prairie, it is important to protect your home and property from freezing temperatures. Follow the simple steps below to help save money on your water bill.

Frozen Hosebib

  • Turn your sprinkler system off. Water once every three weeks, if no rainfall has occurred, on a day without freezing temperatures. Be sure to inspect your system by observing each zone for one minute and make any necessary repairs or adjustments to reduce water runoff that can create icy conditions on the road.
  • Disconnect and drain outdoor water hoses, then store them indoors for future use next spring.
  • Cover outdoor faucets with Styrofoam faucet covers (available at hardware or home improvement stores) or wrap faucets with heavy cloth covered by plastic.
  • Wrap pipes located in attics or garages with heat tape or cover them with pipe insulation.
  • Locate your emergency master shut off valve (usually found in a flower bed near the front of the house) so that you can quickly shut off the water to your house if any pipes happen to freeze and burst while they are thawing.
  • Open cabinet doors under sinks to allow warm air into the area around interior pipes.
  • Set the hot and cold faucets to drip slowly in the kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, and tubs. The slow movement of water in the pipes will prevent solid freezing.
  • If you will be leaving town for an extended period of time, ask a close neighbor or friend to check on your property every few days.
  • Any house or business that is totally vacant should be “winterized” – which is turning the water off at the meter and then opening all faucets on the property to drain the pipes.
  • If water pipes become frozen, let them thaw naturally by exposing warmer air to the pipes.
  • Never try to thaw pipes using hair dryers or other forms of heat!