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Professor G.P. Goodwater

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Professor Good Water Professor G.P. Goodwater Says:

Due to extremely dry conditions, water levels in area lakes are at low levels. As with most cities in the area, Grand Prairie has mandatory water restrictions

Q: Professor Goodwater, I live in Tarrant County part of Grand Prairie and I seen a news report for Tarrant Water District and the restriction days are different from Grand Prairie. I want to comply, which do I use?

A. Yes, the drought causes the city of Grand Prairie and surrounding cites to take active measures in conserving water. You will see different measures from different cities in place. If you reside within Grand Prairie city limits, and are not on well water, then you shall follow Grand Prairie water restrictions because your water source is from the city of Grand Prairie. We have requested limited use for health and safety reasons so that we are not in immediate danger of water demands exceeding our water supply and depleting fire storage. I am grateful for your cooperation in assisting us with this effort.

Q: Professor Goodwater, why do we have different restriction dates from everyone else?

A: Two things - it is a strategic plan for us and the immediate surrounding cities so the transmission lines aren’t overwhelmed from repeated excessive use during the drought. Not watering on Wednesdays (mid week) assists us in building our storage capacities for the next two days and again not watering over the weekend ensures the same for the following week which assist in fire fighting efforts also. 

Our water is a valuable resource. We thank you for your cooperation.