Be aware that water bills lag by 4 to 6 weeks. So the bill you get in September is for 4-weeks use in July through August, depending on your billing cycle. And, due to our contracts for water, for residents who use more than 20,000 gallons of water a month, the water rate jumps from $3.87/1,000 gallon to $6.93 per 1,000 gallon.

More Accurate Read Due to New Meter

Because meters may run slower as they age, when we replace them, you may see a jump in your water bill as a more accurate read occurs.

A Misread Meter

Even the most experienced and well-trained meter readers occasionally make mistakes. However, as part of Grand Prairie Water’s regular process, if a meter read is significantly outside your usage pattern, the system kicks it out and we double check it.

New Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Electronic Meters

The mechanics are the same, but AMI provides the city and customer the ability to monitor hourly usage on a daily basis. City will begin phasing in new digital meter beginning south of I-20 and moving north in 2016-2018. Starting far south reduces time meter readers spend on the road, thereby efficiency in productivity. More information will follow as implementation nears.