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Repair of Existing Residential Sidewalk Program

By city ordinance #6234 (see below) it is the responsibility of the homeowner, lessor, lessee and/or resident to maintain the sidewalk in front of their home. 

City of Grand Prairie's Current Sidewalk Ordinance


Sec. 29-114. Maintenance of the sidewalk and right-of-way.

In all provisions of the Code relative to the responsibility of a homeowner, lessor, lessee, and/or resident of any such premises to maintain the sidewalk and all areas of the property including the curb and all right-of-way, in a safe and efficient manner. Whenever any provision of this code shall provide that any property be maintained, it is to be read to include all such area, including the buildings, the property, the adjacent right-of-way and sidewalk, and the surface of all easements, and such persons shall do nothing that would prevent the purpose and all incidental uses of such easements.