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Emerald Ash Borer Information 

In an effort to slow the spread of the destructive Emerald Ash Borer Beetle, the State of Texas has quarantined all BRUSH and TREE LIMBS from leaving Tarrant County. Grand Prairie residents who live in Tarrant County can no longer take ANY of these items to the Grand Prairie Landfill.

You can no longer cut, bundle, or bag, brush and tree limbs to put with your regular twice weekly garbage collection.

To assist the Tarrant County residents of Grand Prairie, your BRUSH and TREE LIMBS will be collected by the City's Brush Services Crew and disposed of inside Tarrant County. These items will be picked up during the regularly scheduled once-per-month ZONE service.

Learn more about the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle and the Tarrant County QUARANTINE.

What is the Brush Program?

For the convenience of Grand Prairie residents, the City operates a Brush Pickup Program. This once-per-month service provides curbside pickup of tree limbs and brush that are not bundled or bagged. This is for brush and tree limbs that is too large for the City's twice weekly garbage collection. 

Who can participate in the Brush Program?

This is a program for residential properties in Grand Prairie and does not include churches or commercial properties.

What is allowed for pickup?

This program is intended for any parts of brush and tree limbs no larger than 10 inches in diameter and no longer than 5 feet in length. Limbs and tree trunks larger than these dimensions must be cut to fit within the maximum limitations. Items exceeding the measurements will not be picked up.

What is not allowed for pickup?

The Brush Service Crew will not pick up any grass clippings, leaves, weeds, flowers, wire, landscape timbers, fencing, plastic bags or other foreign materials.

The Brush Service Crew will not pick up brush and tree limbs that are larger than 10 inches in diameter or longer than 5 feet.

When and where will brush be picked up?

This is a year round program that services the City on a monthly ZONE rotation basis. Each ZONE is serviced during a designated WEEK every month. Zones were created according to geographical areas, and serviced rotating from north to south, week by week.

  • Brush will be picked up only during your regularly scheduled once-per-month ZONE service week. Once your ZONE is serviced, the Brush Crew will not return to that ZONE until the following month's regularly scheduled service date.
  • No appointments will be taken.
  • No out-of-cycle pickups are allowed.
  • Only 1 pickup is allowed per residential address.
  • The “FULL WEEK” schedule is defined by a normal work week consisting of Monday – Friday.

Use the interactive map below to locate your zone for once-per-month residential brush pickup or view PDF version of the brush zones map.

Search Brush Zone by Address

Enter your property address below (not mailing address) to see your brush pickup days, council district garbage and recycling days, watering days and more:

Brush Zone Map

Zone Brush Zone Schedule
Zone 1
1st Full Week of each Month
Zone 2
2nd Full Week of each Month
Zone 3      
3rd Full Week of each Month
Zone 4      
4th Full Week of each Month

Important Guidelines:

  • Brush must be placed at the curb (roadside if no curb) no earlier than 1 week prior to the regularly scheduled once-per-month ZONE service. Residents can be fined for putting out brush before the allowed 1 week prior to regularly scheduled ZONE service.
  • Please place your brush and limbs on your curb no later than the Monday morning of your designated week for service.
  • Brush will not be picked up in the alley.
  • Brush must be neatly piled (not scattered) at least 2 feet from utility poles, low hanging trees, fences, gas/water meters, fire hydrants, mailboxes and sprinkler heads, along with any other obstacles that would prevent collection.
  • Brush will not be picked up if parked vehicles or other obstructions are present.
  • Brush cannot at any time block City sidewalks, right-of-way, or the view of oncoming traffic.

Potential Schedule Delays:

  • During and after extreme weather conditions, which may cause unusually large volumes of brush, the regular collection schedule may be disrupted or delayed.
  • City, State and Federal holidays may disrupt or delay zone pickup schedules. Service will resume on the next business day.

City's Weekly Garbage Collection

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Republic Services will NO LONGER pick up brush set out with your garbage. This includes ALL residents of the City of Grand Prairie, regardless of the county in which you reside. This shall be in effect until further notice. Bagged leaves will be collected, but NO grass clippings are allowed. Maximum number of bags collected for each household is 2-3 and may not exceed 50 lbs per bag or 1 cubic yard. Place the bundles next to your household garbage. Please view the Garbage & Recycling web page for more information regarding what items are eligible for your weekly garbage collection.