School Resource Officers are police officers that are assigned full-time to a specific school. They are a steady presence of authority and an inspiration to the children. The presence of School Resource Officers deters unacceptable behavior and gives the children guidance. The officers are active with the children providing interactive programs such as DFYIT (Drug Free Youth in Texas) and Campus Crime Stoppers.

The city of Grand Prairie and the Grand Prairie Independent School District share the cost of maintaining this type of police presence on school campuses, along with grant money. When possible, any and all police activity on the campus is handled by the officer assigned to it.

Grand Prairie School Resource Officers

Sgt. Chris Weis Supervisor of SRO Program 972-237-8819
Ofc. Farley Truman, Whitt Elem, Spencer Elem, Cabannis Elem, West Elem, Ferrell Elem 972-641-7676

Ofc. Moore

Ofc. Star

SGPHS 972-343-1500
Ofc. B. Williams GPHS Fine Arts Academy 972-343-6380

Ofc. Rahman

Ofc. Jackson

GPHS 972-809-5711
Ofc. Darrough SGPHS 9th Grade Center 972-264-1769
Ofc. Bryant Crosswinds School, Adams, Eisenhower, Daniels, Diane Patrick, Larson Elem      972-262-1934
Ofc. Blessing Dubiski Career School 972-343-7800
Ofc. Dye Arnold YWLA, Bonham, Crocket, Travis, Williams, Crouch 972-343-7400
Ofc. Pollard Jackson, Garner, Zavala, Daulton, Sterrett 972-264-2704
Ofc. Silvestre Fannin, Garcia, Lee, Milam, Austin Elem 972-262-8668
Ofc. Whittington AEP, Marshall Elem 972-262-7244
Ofc. Hodges Reagan, Dickinson, Moseley, Florence Hill, Powell Elem 972-522-7300