Alarm Permit Application City Ordinance #3716 requires that commercial, residential and multi-family alarm users in the city must obtain permits to remain active.
Commendation Form Fill out the Commendation Form if you would like to praise a Grand Prairie Police Department employee for a job well done.
Complaint Form
English / Spanish
Complete the Citizen's Complaint Form if you have a complaint against an employee of the Grand Prairie Police Department.
Driver's Crash Report
Complete the CRB-2 form when a motor vehicle crash is not investigated by a law enforcement officer.
Crime Victims' Compensation (CVC) Application
English / Spanish
The Texas Crime Victims' Compensation program provides financial assistance to victims of violent crime for related expenses that cannot be reimbursed by insurance or other sources.
Forgery Report Packet The forgery report should be completed by the business or individual who is in physical possession of a forged check.

Identity Theft Packet
English / Spanish

The identity theft affidavit should be completed if you have been a victim of identity theft. 
Interference with Child Custody Packet
English / Spanish
The packet should be completed if you are the victim of an Interference with Child Custody offense.
No Insurance Affidavit You have a right to file the No Insurance Complaint Affidavit if you were involved in an accident and the other party did not provide proof of financial responsibility (no insurance) or the party gave you incorrect information (false, expired, etc.).
Retail Theft Report Complete the Retail Theft Report when total loss is $100 or less.
Solicitor, Vendor, Peddler Permit Complete form in order to apply for an Itinerant Vendor/Solicitor Permit.