If you are a resident of the city of Grand Prairie and have been a victim of identity theft, you may complete an Identity Theft Packet by clicking on one of the links below. Please fill out the Identity Theft Packet and then drop it off or mail it to the Grand Prairie Police Department at the following address:

Grand Prairie Police Dept.
Attn: Investigative Services-Identity Theft
1525 Arkansas Lane
Grand Prairie, TX  75052

Reports should be detailed with as much information as possible such as (dates/times/suspect information, addresses). Reports are reviewed as they come in and cases with limited information or with no leads are not assigned to an investigator.  Your case will be evaluated and if an investigator is able to follow-up on your case you will be contacted.

Unfortunately we are not able to follow-up on or investigate each and every report filed with our department. We are not able to go to locations and obtain videos or other evidence on cases that have been reviewed, and then placed on inactive status.

If your checks, credit/debit card are being used fraudulently we will only pursue charges on behalf of the person or business who has suffered the monetary loss. Many times the financial institutions reimburse you for the "monetary loss" that you have suffered which makes them the complainant. As a courtesy to you, the account holder, the Grand Prairie Police Department will allow you to initiate an offense report. Many times you can provide this information to the credit bureaus or your creditors to help clear your financial situation.


Identity Theft Packet: English 

Identity Theft Packet: Spanish

Identify Theft Packet: Vietnamese

Attorney General Identity Theft Victim Kit

Individual Forgery Packet

Merchant Forgery Packet

Texas Penal Code § 37.08 specifies it is a Class B Misdemeanor to file a FALSE POLICE REPORT.

You should also contact the credit bureaus listed below:

Equifax                                                                                                        money


Trans Union

U.S. Federal Trade Commission

Texas Department of Transportation

ID Theft/Financial Crimes Staff

Sgt. Barry
Detective Sonza
Detective Hudson 972-237-8755 
Detective Allen

If you have additional questions please contact the Investigative Services Bureau at 972-237-8750.