FIT FORCE FINALGrand Prairie Police Department Fit Force is a comprehensive officer wellness program designed to optimize the overall health of employees toward best serving the community.  The four cornerstones are: Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, and Financial.  The Physical component is designed to train officers to be efficient at performing functional movements at high intensities. This is what our profession demands so Fit Force is dedicated to providing citizens with the most effective service by ensuring officers are well-conditioned for any circumstance.  Spiritual wellness is essential to the holistic approach of maintaining balance in life. Where do we go for strength and comfort when faced with challenges? How do we maintain the most important relationships in life?  How do we maintain our character and values in the midst of a challenging job? The Spiritual wellness initiative helps officers find their own answers to these questions.  Emotional wellness is met through mental health assistance for first responders and their families through advocacy and intervention programs.  Many agencies have programs to help officers get into physical shape, expand their education, and deal with the mental stressors of the profession. Unfortunately, one of the most neglected topics is financial health.  The Financial arm of this initiative educates officers on how to better manage their finances to promote wellness through budgeting tips and provides a roadmap to financial freedom all to avoid the pitfalls officers may fall into.  We envision a department to be filled with officers who are holistic servants equipped to best serve communities.

In 2018, more police officers died of suicide than were lost in the line of duty.  Whether it be our Peer Support program, access to our Fitness and Wellness Officer, Financial Planning assistance, Chaplaincy Program, or Employee Assistance Program, our officers always have an avenue of outreach.  It is imperative police officers stay whole and healthy to take the best care of our families and our citizens and remove any embarrassment, stigma, or impediment toward seeking assistance.

Report: More cops died by suicide than in line of duty in 2018