Red Light Cameras Are Now Offline.

The state signed a law that prohibits the operation of Red Light Cameras in the State of Texas.  Therefore, although the physical Red Light cameras are temporarily still in place in Grand Prairie, they are not active and no violations will be issued after May 31, 2019.


Safe Light

Payment Information

How much is the fine and when is it due?

The fine is $75. Your payment must be received by the due date on your Notice of Violation to avoid a late fee. The due date is located in the center and at the bottom of the first page of your Notice of Violation.

What happens if I don't pay the outstanding citations?

The DMV will place a hold on the renewal of a vehicle's registration until the fine is paid. Drivers of vehicles operated on roadways with expired registration are subject to citation and impoundment. View additional red light camera FAQ (PDF)

What are my payment options?

The following payment options are available for Safelight Grand Prairie red light camera notices of violation:

  1. Pay in Person. Effective Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013, cash payments will now be accepted at the Grand Prairie Police Department for red light camera notices of violations that occur in Grand Prairie. You may pay in person with cash, check or money order at the Grand Prairie Public Safety Building, Records Division, located on the 2nd floor at 1525 Arkansas Lane, Grand Prairie, TX 75052. Hours of operation are between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding City holidays. All payments must accompany the payment voucher/notice originally mailed to the violator and a receipt will be issued. 
  2. Pay Online. Payments may be made online by logging on to and entering the Citation Number; License Plate Number; City Code GRNDPR. After logging in, enter the PIN (located in the red box on the front right of your Notice) and click the Pay Button upon choosing method of payment.
  3. Pay by Mail. Payments by check or money order may be mailed to:
    Safelight Grand Prairie Payment Center
    P.O. Box 76873
    Cleveland, OH 44101-6500
    Safelight Grand Prairie Payment Center
    7018 Baker Blvd
    Richland Hills, TX 76118.
  4. Pay by Phone. Payments are accepted by phone at 1-877-245-2422 or 817-595-5760.

Questions: Please call 1-877-245-2422 or 817-595-5760.