The city of Grand Prairie's Communications staff are 9-1-1 dispatchers who answer calls 24/7, dispatching help for emergency situations ranging from house fires and automobile accidents to heart attacks and robberies. A team of nearly 40 employees work closely with both Police and Fire, communicating essential information to them as they respond to various emergency situations.

All calls for service are dispatched according to the guidelines in our departmental written directives, policies and procedures.

There are some basic questions that a call taker may ask a citizen when they call 9-1-1, such as:

  1. Where is the emergency? 
  2. What is the emergency? 
  3. Who is involved? 
  4. How this is happening? 
  5. Are there weapons?
  6. Has anyone been drinking?
  7. Descriptions?
  8. Direction of travel?
  9. Would the caller like contact or no contact?

Interested in a Career as a 9-1-1 Communications Specialist?

Training: All training is completed on the job in different phases. Training can take 12 to 14 months. All certifications required for your job description are also acquired during your tenure as a communications specialist.

Essential Skills: Multitasking, computer skills, communication skills, people skills, ability to maintain composure during stressful situations, professionalism, attention to detail, ability to work as a team, ability to follow instructions, ability to make decisions and prioritize. Visit the Communications Specialist Jobs Web Page for more information on qualifications.

Pay: We have a skill base pay plan so that as your skill levels increase, your pay increases, too. As you train on the various phases required for your positions as a dispatcher, you will be released and go through a proficiency phase. After successfully completing the proficiency phase you will be given a proficiency evaluation by your supervisor, take a typing test and then receive a pay step increase before moving on to the next phase of training. Visit the Communications Specialist Jobs Web Page for more information on current pay plans.

Work Schedule: Since we're emergency services, we operate 24/7, and we work 12-hour shifts. Our shifts are bid on every six months by seniority.

How to Apply: Apply online on the city Web site. Search online for positions currently open. The position will be listed as "Communications Specialist."

Contact if you have questions about the application process.