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COVID-19 Affected Service

Code Compliance Officers will continue to be in the field and working remotely from home. Code Officers will continue to be available by phone and email, see Code Map District for Code Officer information. All garage and estate sales are suspended effective July 2, 2020, unless permit was approved in hand before that time. For more information, call 972-237-8296 or 972-237-8049.

Bradburry, DavidCode Compliance Officer, Code District 9Code Compliance(972) 237-8338
Brown, Allan M.Code Compliance SupervisorCode Compliance(972) 237-8046
Callier, KristenCode Compliance Officer, Code District 5Code Compliance(972) 237-8337
Cervantes, JimmyCode Compliance Officer, Code District 2Code Compliance(972) 237-8098
Collins, Steve Code Compliance ManagerCode Compliance(972) 237-8041
Curtis, PhillipCode Compliance Officer (Automotive)Code Compliance(972) 237-8332
Exum, ValerieSr. Office AssistantCode Compliance(972) 237-8296
Gallegos, RoxanneCode Compliance Officer, District 3Code Compliance(972) 237-8291
Garcia, RogerCode Compliance Officer, District 1Code Compliance(972) 237-8496
Jones, EricCode Compliance Officer, Code District 4Code Compliance(972) 237-8050
Ramon, Anna Sr. Office AssistantCode Compliance(972) 237-8049
Reagins, Randy Code Compliance SupervisorCode Compliance(972) 237-8165
Reese, ConstanceCode Compliance Officer, Code District 8Code Compliance(972) 237-8034
Simmons, JamesCode Compliance Officer, Code District 10Code Compliance(972) 237-8661
Smith, TyneshaCode Compliance Officer, Code District 7Code Compliance(972) 237-8362
Wilkinson, Karen Code Compliance Administrative SupervisorCode Compliance(972) 237-8297