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General Information

The City of Grand Prairie, Texas adopted the Unified Development Code on November 20, 1990 by Ordinance No. 4779.  The Unified Development Code (or UDC) is a single comprehensive document that is used as the primary guide for development within the city.  The Unified Development Code incorporates procedures, standards, and regulations for zoning and land use applications.

The Articles and Appendices of the Unified Development Code are provided below in PDF format for your convenience.  The Unified Development Code is updated and maintained by the Grand Prairie Planning Department and all information in the online version of this document should be verified with staff prior to application. Please E-Mail any questions, comments or to report any inconsistencies in this document please. For immediate assistance call (972) 237-8255.


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Unified Development Code 




ARTICLE 1 :    General Provisions

ARTICLE 2 :    Authority

ARTICLE 3 :    Zoning Districts

ARTICLE 4 :    Permissible Uses

ARTICLE 5 :   Specific Uses

ARTICLE 6 Density and Dimensional Requirements

ARTICLE 7 Special Districts

ARTICLE 8 Landscape and Screening Standards

ARTICLE 9 Sign Standards

ARTICLE 10 Parking and Loading Standards

ARTICLE 11 Performance Standards

ARTICLE 12 Platting

ARTICLE 13 Building Permits and Construction

ARTICLE 14 Drainage

ARTICLE 15 Floodplain Management

ARTICLE 16 Site Plan Approval

ARTICLE 17 Concept Plans

ARTICLE 18 Reserved

ARTICLE 19 Non-Conforming Development

ARTICLE 20 Reserved

ARTICLE 21 Enforcement

 ARTICLE 22 Fee Schedule

ARTICLE 23 Master Transportation Plan

ARTICLE 24 Wireless Telecommunications Facilities

ARTICLE 25 Gated Communities, Private Streets

ARTICLE 26 Mobile/Manufactured/Modular Home and Recreational Vehicle Regulations

ARTICLE 27 Reserved

ARTICLE 28 Reserved

ARTICLE 29 Reserved

ARTICLE 30 Definitions


APPENDIX A Listing of Specific Use Permits

APPENDIX B Listing of Approved Planned Developments

APPENDIX C Listing of Approved Mixed Use Developments

APPENDIX D Parking Layout Design Standards

APPENDIX E Parking and Loading Areas

APPENDIX F:   Corridor Overlay District Standards

APPENDIX G :  Sign Standards

APPENDIX H Sidewalk Matrix

APPENDIX I :   Reserved

APPENDIX J Sample Lot Configuration



APPENDIX M :  Guidelines and Sample Agreements for Stormwater Management 

APPENDIX N Hazard Zoning Ordinance/Maps/Airports Zoning Maps

APPENDIX O Hospital District

APPENDIX P:   Reserved

APPENDIX Q Light Industrial Limited Standards (LI-LS) Zoning District

APPENDIX R Central Business Districts (CBD)




APPENDIX V Fence Detail

APPENDIX W : Residential Development Standards 

APPENDIX X : Industrial Development Standards