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General Information

An Abstract or Abstract Map is a drawing or plan that contains information on vacant, unplatted or raw land (i.e. land that has not been developed).  A Plat or Plat Map is a drawing or plan on which is presented a sub-divider's plan of a subdivision which is submitted for approval, and a copy which is intended to be recorded in final form.  The plat shows a specific lot, plot, subdivision, community, or area showing the boundary lines, buildings, easements, streets, and common areas.  Depending on the request there are different kinds of plats, such as: Preliminary Plats, Amending Plats, Replats, Final Plats and Minor Subdivision Plats.

Reference Article 12, "Platting," and Article 30, "Definitions," of the Unified Development Code.

Please visit our interactive maps page, select subdivisions layer and view any plats that we have uploaded to the layer. If you are seeking ownership information, please contact the county appraisal district.