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Coronavirus COVID-19 Affected Service

At this time, all meetings will need to be completed via virtual meeting. Applicants can still contact Planning staff via email, phone, and/or virtual meeting. View Instructions for Application Submittals.

General Information

The Development Application  is a comprehensive application form for all development cases related to platting, zoning, and exceptions for the City of Grand Prairie.  Provided are the recommended steps and corresponding information for pursuing a development case.  If you have any questions please contact the Planning Department at (972) 237-8255 or Email

Zoning Verification

The Planning Department provides Zoning Verification Letters. To obtain a zoning verification letter please complete the application, pay fee (either in person or mail) and submit to

Alcohol Variance 

All alcohol sales that do not conform to the distance requirements must have City Council approval, processing time is approximately 4 weeks, staff will notify the school/church within 300 feet. In addition, property owners within 300 feet will be notified.

Alcohol Variance Application

Step 1: Schedule a Pre-Development Conference
Step 2: Check the Development Schedule
Step 3: Fill Out the Development Application
Step 4: Development Submission Requirements
Step 5: Development Review Committee Meeting
Step 6: Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting
Step 7: City Council Meeting
Step 8: Municipal/County Filing Requirements