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Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan serves as a policy guide for the development of a city, establishing the legal foundation for enactment and systematic application of zoning, subdivision regulations and other development regulations.  It is an effective instrument for budgeting local development funds, coordinating development, and making decisions based upon well-researched and well-conceived criteria.

Grand Prairie's Comprehensive Plan is intended as a 20-year plan that will guide the City's growth and development.  As new data becomes available and new trends emerge, they will need to be incorporated into the plan making it a strategic guide.

2018 Comprehensive Plan

The 2018 update to the Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Grand Prairie City Council on December 11, 2018, under Case No. CPA180504, Ordinance No. 10569-2018.

Future Land Use Map

The City of Grand Prairie should contain a mix of land uses that will foster sustainable economic vitality and provide a broad range of opportunities for living, recreation, shopping and business. Land uses should be distributed in a manner that enhances a sense of community and neighborhood identity. In addition, residents and visitors should have ready access to amenities that the City offers, such as recreation, shopping and cultural activities.

View future land use information using the City of Grand Prairie's Interactive Maps. Disclaimer: GIS is still in the process of updating our future land use map to our newest records. The current citywide map can be found here: 2018 Future Land Use Map

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161 North Corridor Study

 161 North Corridor Study

Downtown Master Plan

The City Council of Grand Prairie passed Resolution No. 5016-2019 adopting the Downtown Master Plan on May 7, 2019.  The Downtown Master Plan outlines the vision for Downtown Grand Prairie and includes several key elements:

  • Identification of Character Areas that comprise Downtown;
  • A Downtown Illustrative Plan that reflects the vision; and
  • Activation/Merchandising Strategy to implement the plan.

Downtown Master Plan