Current Flood Insurance Rate Maps

The City provides a map information service enabling all residents to determine the flood zone of a specific property.

Paper copies are available for viewing at the City’s Planning and Development Center.

Electronic maps may be viewed and printed online for free at the FEMA Flood Map Store.



Future Flood Insurance Rate Maps

FEMA, with the cooperation of local communities and consulting engineers, is in the process of converting paper FIRMs into digital format and updating them with the latest data in a process called Map Modernization. This process began in the spring of 2004 for Dallas, Johnson, Ellis and Tarrant counties. Revised preliminary maps for Johnson, Ellis, Dallas and Tarrant counties were submitted to the local communities for review. Since that time, the maps for Tarrant County were finalized and became effective in September 2009. The maps for Johnson County were finalized and became effective in December 2012. The maps for Ellis County were finalized and became effective in June 2013. The maps for Dallas County became effective in 2014. On March 21, 2019, FEMA issued new effective FIRMs for Dallas and Tarrant Counties north of Joe Pool Lake dam.

The City has integrated the current effective FIRMs into its Geographic Information System (GIS). This integration allows property lines and aerial photos to be superimposed over the floodplain delineations for easier floodplain determination.

The updated maps will show areas that have been removed from the mapped limits of the floodplain and new areas that have been included (that were not included before) in the mapped limits of the floodplain.



Flood Map Modernization FAQ

Answers to the frequently asked questions below explain what to do if your property has been determined to be in or out of the mapped limits of the updated floodplain.

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How might the new maps affect me financially?
What is the Grandfathering Rule? Does it help me?
When do the maps become effective?
Where can I find more info about this process?