The City of Grand Prairie Engineering Department is responsible for the review and release for construction of all new construction and reconstruction projects within the City limits as well as within its ETJ. The Engineering Department also assists Developers and Engineers of Record in assuring that all public improvements for construction are designed to meet current City specifications.

The Civil Engineering Plan Submittal Process is intended as a guide to aid Developers and Engineers through the City’s civil engineering plan submittal process and to meet approval requirements. The City of Grand Prairie’s Engineering Department reserves the right to request additional information necessary to complete the review of specific development projects in addition to the following information list.

You may also view the Civil Engineering Plan Submittal Flow Chart, included in the Submittal Process packet.

The links below expand to view specific sections of the Civil Engineering Plan Submittal Process.

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  • Prior to Civil Engineering Plan Submittal

  • Civil Engineering Plan Contents

  • Submitting Civil Engineering Plans for Review

  • Project Specific Permits

  • Onsite During Construction

  • Requirements Prior to Final Project Acceptance

  • Acceptance and Occupancy