The Engineering Department offers many services to the private development community to assist project owners, designers and contractors throughout the design and construction process.

Civil Engineering Plan Submittal Process

The City of Grand Prairie Engineering Department is responsible for the review and release for construction of all new construction and reconstruction projects within the City limits as well as within its ETJ. The Engineering Department also assists Developers and Engineers of Record in assuring that all public improvements for construction are designed to meet current City specifications.

The Civil Engineering Plan Submittal Process document is intended to guide Developers and Engineers through the City’s civil engineering plan submittal process and to meet approval requirements. The City of Grand Prairie’s Engineering Department reserves the right to request additional information necessary to complete the review of specific development projects.

Topographic Maps

The City of Grand Prairie currently has 2016 aerial contours based on 1' LiDAR in AutoCad format covering the city.

Due to file sizes, these files are not posted online. The LiDAR can be provided by the Engineering Department on a flash drive for a fee of $25.00.

Please contact the Robert Castillo at 972-237-8142 or via email.

GIS Survey Monuments

The GIS Survey Monuments link provides information on the City of Grand Prairie's GPS Monuments throughout the city.

Unified Development Code

The City of Grand Prairie adopted the Unified Development Code on November 20, 1990, by Ordinance No. 4779. The Unified Development Code (or UDC) is a single comprehensive document that is used as the primary guide for development within the City. The Unified Development Code incorporates procedures, standards, and regulations for zoning and land use applications.

Applicable sections that pertain to engineering issues are:

Standard Design Documents for Private Development

Engineering and Standards Detail Sheets

The Engineering Department manages and updates the City standards for design of civil engineering projects within the City. Standards are the City standard details and the City standards for design of public infrastructure.

City Ordinances

The Muni Code website lists all city ordinances. Ordinances that directly affect development are:

Impact and Tap Fees

The Engineering Department collects Impact and Tap fees for water and sewer services within the City. Fee rates are found within the Unified Development Code, Section 22. View the Impact and Tap Fee Form, which summarizes these fees.

Permit Forms

The Engineering Department issues permits for work on public infrastructure to be dedicated to the City, Clearing, Grubbing and Earthwork permits, and Notifications for utility work within the right-of-way. Fees for permits are listed in Article 22 of the Unified Development Code.

Final Acceptance Documents