Drainage Complaints

Drainage, erosion or EPA construction and pollution complaints are investigated by the Engineering Division.

Stormwater Detention Basin Maintenance Inspection Form

Properties with an on-site stormwater management facility, and a recorded Owner/Developer Inspection and Maintenance Agreement are required to perform a yearly inspection of the stormwater facility and submit an annual inspection report.

 Drainage Design Manual/Erosion Control Plan Requirements

Engineering staff issues Clearing, Grubbing and Earthwork Permits, and reviews drainage plans for building permits, development, and erosion control. All development within the City of Grand Prairie must comply with the requirements of the City Drainage Design Manual (as currently amended) as well as City Erosion Control Standards.

View the currently amended Drainage Design Manual.

Standard Detail for Drainage Infrastructure and Erosion Control Devices

The Engineering Division maintains the City Standard Details for construction. There are standard details for drainage infrastructure construction and two standard detail sheets for erosion control. Both standard detail sheets for erosion control are required for submittals for grading and erosion control plan reviews. For the standard construction details for drainage and erosion control, click on "Engineering Standard Detail Sheets" and go to "Standard Detail Sheets..." and scroll to the drainage and erosion control detail sheets.

Drainage Plan Review Fees

The City of Grand Prairie enacted Ordinance 7677 updating the policy requiring developers to provide escrow funds for a third party to perform drainage reviews for development projects within the City limits. Also Clearing and Grubbing and Earthwork Permits and the review of plat required single family lot drainage and grading permit plans requires payment of certain fees.

Click "Drainage Fee Ordinance" for the fee ordinance authorizing third party reviews of development drainage plans.

Click "Art 22 UDC" and go to Section 22.2.22 for the fee ordinance for clear & grubbing and earthwork permits and certain single family drainage and grading plan review permits.

Storm Drainage Master Plans

City flooding and drainage problems are key issues when planning for the safety, health and quality of life for Grand Prairie citizens. As part of the City-Wide Drainage Master Plan the city has engaged consultants to prepare state of the art drainage studies for flood prone areas of the city and to recommend future Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) projects to alleviate flooding.

Construction General Permit and BMPs

All questions concerning the Construction General Permit and Best Management Practices (BMPs) should be directed to the Engineering Drainage Engineer at 972-237-8137 or the Engineering Environmental Investigator at 972-237-8536. View construction general permit frequently asked questions for answers to several construction questions.