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(The following is a general guide for Residential Pool installation and is in no way a complete list of requirements. All pools shall be installed in accordance with the 2015 International Pool and Spa Code and all applicable codes as adopted by the city of Grand Prairie)

1. Swimming pool permit fee: $100.00

2. A swimming pool is defined as any constructed or prefabricated pool used for swimming or bathing, 24 inches or more in depth.

3. In no case shall the minimum distance from the water edges of the beam of the pool to the property line be less than three (3) feet.

4. Easement – In no case may any part of the pool structure, including deck, be located in an easement. The Public Works Department must approve pool equipment, fence, or other accessory parts of the pool located in a drainage easement.

5. The minimum distance from water edge of the beam of the pool to the house shall be six (6) feet unless a letter signed and sealed by an engineer is submitted stating that the location of the pool will not adversely affect the structural stability of the foundation of the house. In no case shall the pools water’s edge be less than three (3) feet from the house.

6. Building Line - a side building line (corner lot) or a rear building line (backs up to a street) a pool may encroach into that building line as long the yard is enclosed with a 6’ wood fence.

7. All pools shall be completely surrounded by a fence or wall, not less than four (4) feet in height, which shall be constructed without any openings, holes or gaps other than gates, larger than four (4) inches in any one direction.

8. All gates leading to the pool areas shall be installed to swing outward (away from pool), maintained self-closing and have a self-latching device.

9. A double gate may be secured by using a pad lock in lieu of the self-closing and self-latching device.

10. No electrical equipment shall be placed within five (5) feet of the water’s edge of a pool.

11. All exterior convenience outlets shall be protected by ground fault circuits interrupters within 20’ of nay part of the pool.

12. All exterior convenience outlets closer than ten (10) feet to the water’s edge of a pool shall be discontinued.

13. All overhead conduction shall not be closer than 18 feet from the water of a pool in any direction. Conductors may not pass directly over pool as per T.U. Electric Company policy.

14. Check with T.U. Electric company for additional electrical requirement.

15. T.U. Electric must approve the plot plan with a stamped approval before submitting to Building Inspection of Grand Prairie.

No extension cords are allowed to power pool equipment.

Permanent above ground pools – capable of holding water in a depth greater than 42 inches.

A receptacle for a fixed stationary type pool pump shall be a single locking and grounding type. The receptacle is not allowed closer than 5 feet of the pool’s inside wall and shall have GFCI protection when located between 5’ to 10’ from inside wall of pool.

Storable above ground pool – cable of holding water to a depth of and not more than 42 inches or a pool with non-metallic, molded polymeric wall or inflatable fabric walls regardless of dimension.

A receptacle for a storable pool pump has to be at least 10 feet from the inside wall of the pool. The receptacle can be a duplex or single grounding type receptacle and shall have GFCI protection. Storable pools are required to have a listed storable pool pump with a factor cord up to 25 feet long.

17. The pool must be capable of being drained and/or backwashed to the sanitary sewer. Any discharge to the ground from a swimming pool is a violation of the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act and City ordinance 26-41(k).

18. It shall be the pool contractor’s responsibility to assure that a pool or pool deck has not been placed within an easement and to see that these requirements are met and the City before the pool makes all inspections including a final inspection is place in operation.

*Form Board Survey is required to show compliance of the City of Grand Praire's Unified Development Code including but not limited to Article 6 Section 6.6.2