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Residential permit review & submission requirements:

1. One Hard Copy and One Digital Set of Construction Plans (Digital set must be on a CD or flash drive, and digital set must be in PDF format.)

  1. Site plan as stated below.
  2. REScheck 
  3. Engineer’s Foundation Letter and Plans (Signed and Sealed)
  4. Erosion Control plans (queries should be directed to Brent O'Neal/ 972-237.8478) – website:
  5. Indicate location of brick ledge.
  6. Door & window sizes noted and schedules with location, U values and S.H.G.C.
  7. Elevation plans with type of exterior wall treatment and brick calculations.
  8. Brick Selection including Company and Color
  9. Hue or Shade of Shingles
  10. Wall section of interior partitions.
  11. Slab Location Letter (a copy provided by Building Inspections): Home Builder Slab Location Verification Form (PDF)
  12. Engineer’s shear wall design (signed and sealed) or as prescribed by I.R.C. chapter 6.

2. Site Plan or Survey Drawn to Scale Showing:

  1. Property lines with lot dimensions (width & length).
  2. All utility, maintenance and / or drainage easements.
  3. Building lines; front, rear and/or side
  4. Building dimensions
  5. Location of any proposed street curb construction.
  6. Location of 100 year Floodplain if applicable with minimum finished floor elevation.
  7. Location and size of existing or proposed sidewalks, driveway and approach.
  8. Location of all abutting street and/or alleys, with type of surface.

A separate fence permit and a separate irrigation permit will be required.

New Residential Construction Information / PDF 

Codes currently in use: 2015 IBC, 2015 IPC, 2015 IMC, 2015 IF&G, 2015 IEC, 2015 IRC, 2014 NEC (2017 NEC effective September 1, 2017)

With the recommended amendments of the North Texas Council of Governments (NTCOG).