Each eligible employee may elect to participate in the Superior Vision Program. You can receive services from one of Superior’s in-network eye care professionals or choose to receive care outside of the Superior network (but you will save money when you use an in-network provider).

Basic Vision Includes

The Basic Superior Vision Plan includes one exam every 12 months.

Buy Up Vision Includes

The Buy-Up Superior Vision Plan includes exam and materials:



Eye Exams (MD) Covered in Full
Eye Exams (OD) Covered in Full
Frames $130 Retail Allowance
Contact lens Fitting (Standard) Covered in Full
Contact lens Fitting (Specialty) $50 Retail Allowance
Lenses (Standard) per pair)

Single Vision


Covered in Full
Covered in Full
Covered in Full

Progressive (Standard)  
Progressive (Standard) Covered in Full
Polycarbonate for Dep.Children Covered in Full
Factory Scratch Coat Covered in Full
UV Coating Covered in Full
Contact Lenses $120 Retail Allowance



Exams $10
Materials $25
Contact Lens Fitting $25


Services / Frequency

Exams 12 Months
Frames 12 Months
Contact Lens Fitting 12 Months
Contact Lenses 12 Months


2020 Vision Rates

Monthly Premiums

Basic Vision

Buy Up Vision

Employee Only $1.98 $7.24
Employee + Spouse $3.94 $14.56
Employee + Child(ren) $3.58 $12.72
Employee + Family $5.90 $21.36