The city offers retirees three options for your city-sponsored dental coverage.

Dental HMO (Cigna) 

The Cigna Dental HMO plan requires you to use an in-network dentist and offers the following:

  • No deductible and no claims to file
  • No annual or lifetime max
  • Pay pre-determined co-pays only
  • Orthodontia covered for children and adults

Dental PPO (Cigna)

The Cigna Dental PPO plan allows you to use the dentist of your choice and offers the following:

  • Preventive Services: 100% covered
  • General Services: 80% covered
  • Major Services: 50% covered
  • Orthodontia: 50% covered
  • Annual Max: $1,500
  • Ortho Lifetime Max: $1,500
  • Annual Deductible: $50 individual/$150 family

Cigna Rates

Monthly Premiums Dental HMO (Cigna) Dental PPO (Cigna)
Retiree Only $6.84 $40.64
Retiree + Spouse $13.00 $80.28
Retiree + Children $15.06 $84.24
Retiree + Family $22.26 $145.66

For a list of Cigna providers, contact Cigna at 1-800-244-6224 or

QCD (Quality Care Dental)

QCD is a plan designed to provide you with dental benefits at a discounted rate (This is not an insurance company). You must use QCD network dentists, including specialists. When you go to the dentist, you will be charged a fee for each procedure done in accordance to the schedule of benefits. 

QCD Rates

Monthly Premiums Quality Care Dental (QCD)
Retiree Only $0.00
Retiree + 1 $8.00
Retiree + 2 $12.00

For a list of QCD providers, contact QCD at 1-800-229-0304 or