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Retiree Eligibility 

Retiree rates, rules, structures and eligibility requirements are subject to change at any time as deemed necessary by the city. Plans, rates and benefits are considered each year as part of the city’s budget process. 

Eligibility for retiree benefits with the city requires:

  1. The retiree must retire through TMRS immediately following City of Grand Prairie employment.
  2. The retiree must be under the age of 65 upon retirement from the city.
  3. Your dependents may be covered through retiree insurance into retirement only if they were covered for two full years immediately prior to retirement on the plan(s) selected or the dependents are eligible for coverage in accordance with plan guidelines.

Turning 65

Medicare has certain enrollment periods, deadlines and requirements to sign up for Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D prior to turning 65. Research your options at:

The Texas Health Information, Counseling and Advocacy Program through Medicare can help you enroll, find information and provide counseling about your options. They partner with the Texas Health and Human Services system, Texas Legal Services Center and the Area Agencies on Aging to train and oversee these counselors across Texas. Counselors through this program help you understand the fine print and apply a plan that works for you. Additionally, they advocate for you with these programs and help you get the services you need. To obtain services through this agency as you are nearing 65, call 1-800-252-9240.

Benefit Rules

Plan rules are a little different for retirees and their covered dependents versus an employee. It is important that you understand these rules on our plans:

Retiree Rules
Dependent Rules