Landscape Committee Messages

Message from Landscape Committee Chairperson:  BOLO (Be on the look out) - Recent Attempted Break in, Neighbor's Home

Good Evening Neighbors,

This evening, I was informed by neighbors that yesterday, Friday, September 18th at approximately 1:40 PM, their front door was kicked in by an intruder(s)! They received a call from their home phone, from the police officer who was standing in their kitchen. Luckily, they have an alarm system, which probably frightened the intruders.  You can only imagine how violated they are feeling.

It is very important that we must be more observant as to what is going on in our neighborhood and contact the police if you notice anything suspicious. The Grand Prairie Police non-emergency number is 972-237-2790.

If you would like to have your home inspected by the Grand Prairie Police, Crime Prevention Unit, please contact Officer Dennis Porter @ to schedule an appointment. We contacted him last year. The below information is what he noted/suggested:

  • Burglaries occur at the highest peak between 10 AM - 2 PM, weekdays
  • Replace the current screws in all entrance doors with 3 inch screws
  • Use dead bolts whenever possible
  • Remove the red manual handle to open the garage door
  • Place no soliciting signs where they are visible
  • Add exterior sirens
  • Glass breaker sensors
  • Install motion sensor lights at front and back entrances
  • Put a lock on your fence