On August 20, 2002, the City of Grand Prairie passed a Wellhead Protection Ordinance. Implementation of this ordinance is an effort to provide groundwater protection and prevent contamination of the public water supply.

The ordinance applies to all wells located within the Grand Prairie city limits, extraterritorial jurisdiction, or at any location within a 1,000-ft. radius of the City.

A permit is required to drill or abandon any well drilled or abandoned for any reason. City Council must approve all applications for drilling in the Paluxy or Trinity Aquifers.


Residential Well $25
Non-Residential Well on private property $100
Non-Residential Well on city property $500
Local, State, Federal Agencies, and their contractors Fees Waived

Well Permit Requirements

  • Complete and submit the well permit application required by the City.
  • Include the name and state license number if a contractor will perform the work.
  • Meet minimum separation distances for on-site sewage facilities as required by Chapter 285 of the Texas Health and Safety Code.
  • Provide all analytical data and reports upon request.