Backflow Tester Registration Requirements

All backflow testers must register with Environmental Services annually to test in the City of Grand Prairie. Registration form and required documents may be faxed at 972-237-8228 and payments over the phone at 972-237-8055 or in person at Environmental Services, 300 W. Main St., 2nd Floor, Grand Prairie, TX 75050.

Registration Requirements

  • Backflow Tester Registration Form (PDF)
  • TCEQ cross-connection backflow prevention assembly tester license
  • Any other related licenses held, including drivers license and applicable fireline testers license
  • Current gauge calibration report
  • $100 registration fee
  • $25 test booklets - backflow testers must use the approved test booklets

Installation and Initial Test Requirements

Environmental Services performs the initial test for all new commercial domestic backflow assemblies. The testing fee is $100. 

All new installations of backflow assemblies also require a $60 plumbing permit from Building Inspections. Only a licensed plumber/irrigator may install or replace a backflow prevention assembly.

All installed backflow assemblies must be accessible by the tester. Above ground assemblies must not be installed more than five feet off the ground unless a permanent platform is provided.  Above ground reduced pressure zone assemblies (RPZA) installed outdoors must be in a hotbox for freeze protection.

For more information on the required installation specifications, refer to the Cross Connection Ordinance.

To schedule a test or for more information on backflow prevention devices, call 972-237-8055.

Backflow Assembly Test Reports

To enter backflow reports online, go to Download the guide on how testers can enter test reports into the TOKAY Web Entry system.

Fireline Requirements

  • All new firelines require a Double Check Detector Assembly (DCDA).
  • Fireline assemblies can only be tested by a state certified, city registered tester who is a full-time employee of a licensed fireline contractor.