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A person(s) wishing to sell, distribute or store any intoxicating liquor, malt liquor or other alcoholic beverage, including operation of a private club as defined by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code (TABC) must obtain a permit from the Environmental Services Department.

Application Process

To obtain a City of Grand Prairie Alcohol Permit the following steps must be completed:

  1. Submit a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) application.  Contact the local TABC office for Dallas or Tarrant County
  2. Submit an Environmental Services Health Permit application and appropriate fees.
    Environmental Services Department.
    300 W. Main St.
    Grand Prairie, Texas 75050
    Voice: (972) 237-8055
    Fax: (972) 237-8228
  3. Submit a Certificate of Occupancy or Revised Certificate of Occupancy application and appropriate fees.
    Building Inspections
    300 W. Main St.
    Grand Prairie, Texas 75050
    Voice: (972) 237-8230
    Fax: (972) 237-8234

Alcohol Fees

Annual City Fee TABC Code
$30.00 BF Beer Retailer’s Off-Premises
$500.00 BE Beer Retailer’s On-Premises-New
$375.00 BE Beer Retailer’s On-Premises-Renewal
$125.00 BL Beer Retailer’s On-Premises Late Hours
$150.00 X General Class B Wholesaler’s Permit
$150.00 BB General Distributor’s License
$10.00 BI Importer’s License
$375.00 MB Mixed Beverages (after 3rd year)
$75.00 LB Mixed Beverages Late Hours (after 3rd year)
$375.00 NL Private Club Later Hours
Exempt  N Private Club Registration, state exemption from city fees
$125.00 BL Retailer Dealer’s On-Premise Late Hours
$937.50 W Wholesaler’s Permit
$500.00 BG Wine & Beer Retailer’ Permit-New
$375.00 BG Wine & Beer Retailer’ Permit-Renewal
$30.00 BQ Wine & Beer Retailer’s Off-Premise
$37.50 Q Wine Only Package Store Permit (issued with BF when applicant has existing license(s) within  the state)
$37.50 G Winery

Alcohol Permits Ordinance

Alcohol Permit Application Forms and Documents