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Have you ever gotten sick from something you ate?

Food Poisoning or Foodborne Illness (FBI) affects millions of Americans each year. Most cases of Foodborne Illness go unreported due to the infected believing it to be some other ailment, like the flu. The reason for underreporting of foodborne illness is the public’s lack of knowledge on foodborne illness.

How can I lower my risk of foodborne illness?

Taking the following six steps can increase food safety in your home:

Check for quality.
Clean: Wash hands and surfaces often.
Separate: Don't cross-contaminate!
Cook to proper temperature.
Chill promptly.
Trash poor quality food.

Should I report a foodborne illness?

You or your physician should report serious cases of foodborne illness to the local health department. Ask your physician to diagnose what is causing the foodborne illness. This may require a stool, vomitus or sputum sample.

Report any food poisoning incidents if the food involved came from a restaurant or commercial outlet. Give a detailed, but short account of the incident. If possible include a +72 hour food history. If the food is a commercial product, have it in hand so you can describe it.

If you’re asked to keep the food refrigerated so officials can examine it later, follow directions carefully.

For concerns of foodborne illness in Grand Prairie establishments call 972-237-8055.