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Spaying or neutering refers to a surgical procedure to render a dog or cat unable to produce litters of puppies or kittens.  In addition to halting reproduction, other health benefits include the prevention of certain types of cancers and behavioral problems that include roaming, fighting for the attention of a mate and “marking” territory. 

Spaying refers to an operation in which both ovaries and generally the uterus are removed from the female animal.  This operation is normally done through a small incision in the abdomen or the flank. The ovaries produce most of the hormones which make the pet, “come into heat,” and attract male animals, so the spayed female will no longer have estrus cycles or attract males to the home. Neutering the male animal refers to removing both testicles from the scrotum through a small incision.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics

Spay Neuter Network

Spay Neuter Network is a nonprofit clinic with a mission to ensure every pet owner has access to spay/neuter services and preventive care for their pets. Spay Neuter Networks clinics are staffed by licensed, trained veterinarians and veterinary technicians, but is not full-service veterinary provider.

Texas Coalition for Animal Protection

The Texas Coalition for Animal Protection is a recognized nonprofit, 501c3 organization that provides compassionate solutions to pet overpopulation and community animal welfare. TCAP accomplishes this goal by making affordable, high quality preventative services available to Texas pet owners.

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