How do I find my lost pet?

If your pets are microchipped and registered with your current contact information, they have the best possible chance of making it home quickly. Once an individual or animal control officer brings your pet to a shelter, the microchip number is searched and the pet owner is notified.

If your pets are not microchipped:

Come to Prairie Paws Adoption Center and fill out the lost pet form, which we will keep on file.

Check online or visit the Prairie Paws Adoption Center two to three times per week to see if your animal has been picked up by one of our Animal Control Officers.

Check other nearby shelters for your lost pet. The free PetHarbor mobile app (for both iPhone and Android devices) makes it easy to search nearby animal shelters for recovered lost pets and pets available for adoption. Download by searching "PetHarbor Mobile" in the App Store.

What if I have found a lost pet?

If you have found a lost animal, please notify Animal Services immediately because someone may be looking for their pet. 

What happens to stray animals? 

Girl Puppy

Stray animals with identification tags or microchip:

If an animal is caught by our staff in the field and has identification, every attempt will be made to return it home, providing there is an owner present to receive it or it can be put securely in the back yard. If not, the animal will go to the Prairie Paws Adoption Center and every attempt will be made to contact the owner.

Stray animals without identification tags or microchip:

Stray animals without identification that are turned in to the Prairie Paws Adoption Center are held for a minimum of 72 hours (not including days the shelter is not open, such as Sundays, Mondays, and holidays).

If they are not claimed after 72 hours, the animals become the property of the City of Grand Prairie and if suitable, are placed up for adoption.