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Short-Term Fostering 

Thank you for your interest in fostering a Home for Hounds! We are in need of short-term (usually 2-3 weeks) foster homes for dogs before and after (if not adopted) they go to jail for their training. We provide everything you need, such as food, feeding/water bowls, collars, harness, tags, an 'adopt-me' vest and crates (upon availability). All you need to do is provide a loving home!

As a foster parent, you'll provide a temporary home for a newly rescued dog until they go to the Dallas County Jail for their training or after they have received their training.  Proving a foster home helps the dogs "desensitize" and not feel as stressed when moving from the shelter to the jail. You can also help promote the dog for adoption by sharing pictures and video with us to post on social media and help them work on their social skills and basic commands.