The City Attorney and staff members of the department provide legal advice and representation to the City Council, City Manager, officers, agents and employees of the city of Grand Prairie acting in their official capacity. The City Attorney will also act as the legislative liaison, monitoring the State Legislature, pushing for enactment favorable to the city and fighting legislation that is unfavorable or diminishes the city's authority. 

Legal Referrals

The City Attorney's Office does not provide legal opinions or representation to the public on private matters.  Our office cannot refer you to any specific attorneys or endorse any private legal practice.  For attorney and legal referrals you may contact:

Claims / Lawsuits Involving the City of Grand Prairie

The City Attorney's Office works with the city's insurance company to process liability claims and lawsuits involving the city.  A written notice of claim may be sent to this office for prompt attention.  An adjustor or insurance representative will contact you within three business days of receipt of your claim.

Public Information Request

The Public Information Act gives you the right to access government records. You may submit your request online for information to the appropriate department from which you desire the records. This office may write to the Attorney General's Office of Texas, if an opinion is required with respect to the receipt of a request for public information.