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Here's what people are saying about Grand Prairie Farmers Market

 "This week’s Round Rock Honey was bottled only two days ago. It is D-I-V-I-N-E!"
- Konrad Bouffard 

"We are so happy the market is open! We hated eating grocery store tomatoes while you were closed."

"It’s great buying directly from the people who make it, raise it, grow it, produce it."

"We don’t mind waiting for locally grown fruits and vegetables. They just taste so much fresher."

"I don’t mind paying a little bit more for locally home grown, seasonal produce."

"The flavors of these fresh vegetables just explode in your mouth! It’s the best time of year!"

"The anticipation of what’s coming in season is part of the excitement of each and every upcoming weekend."

"We love meeting and supporting our small farmers and local food artisans who care what they put in the food they make."

"The vegetables and fruit are all fresh. Our farmers need all the help that they can get to continue farming. I don’t mind spending a few cents more to keep our farmers producing."
- Wanda H., Grand Prairie Farmers Market review on

"I support Grand Prairie’s Farmers Market because they have the freshest fruits and vegetables, extremely competitive prices and best of all they treat us like we are country folk, too. They make the start of my weekend very enjoyable."
- Linda H., Grand Prairie Farmers Market review on

"It is so close and I do not have to drive to Dallas and fight the traffic. They have some really great vegetables and fruits plus flowers and some awesome honey."
- Patricia S., Grand Prairie Farmers Market review on

"We have been coming to the Grand Prairie Market ever since it opened. We never miss a Saturday unless we have to go on a trip. We would not want it to change. We love that we know where the fruit, veggies and honey come from. Also it’s great to know that the bakery goods are made with healthy ingredients. Because the vendors are from our local area, we know we can trust them when they tell us they aren’t putting toxic products on what we are eating. This is very important to us. That is why we keep coming back. If this toxic free product wasn’t available then I would just buy at the grocery store... We also love the friendships we have developed with all the vendors. Because they are our neighbors even if they are 75 miles away. We love our Farmers Market and enjoy the special events throughout the year!"
- Diana and Ronnie Glover

"What a great way to start the weekend – great food, vegetables, baked goods and friendly people. On top of that, I get to spend my money in Grand Prairie."

"Enjoy this market: Appreciate the support for local, home-grown businesses."

"Love the Farmers Market! Awesome!"
- Rick H.

"GP Farmers Market has a large community following and the facility is the best at any of the seven markets we attend. Great job Grand Prairie and thank you."
- Will Branstettler, Round Rock Honey

"GPFM is great! I can get a variety of things – soaps, honey, oil, vinegar and veggies. Especially with gas prices – local community support is great!"
- Judy Dupree

"Grand Prairie market has a great selection of vendors. Love the local businesses and want to support them."

"GPFM – Love it! It’s not Wal-mart."
- Josh

"I love the facility, the people and the shopping at GPFM. I love everything about it! It’s unique, it’s cool, it’s local! And it’s a great place to hang out on Saturday mornings with friends of the market."
-Susan F.

“I prefer locally grown produce and supporting community.”

"Love the fact that our farmers market has local produce/items and helps support the small surrounding communities. The huge markets that have buildings and buildings of items that I can get at a grocery store do not interest me. Very happy the market is open for the year."

"Like the products and visit with people."

"Like the facility, vendors and local people to visit with."

"I like the fresh vegetables and fruit from local growers. I feel I’m supporting Texas grown products and farmers."

"We have been coming since it opened and love everything local."
- Jennie and Richard Sullivan

"It is really a sweet little market. Don’t miss the funky little antique shop next door."
- Kelly, comment on




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