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Energy Saving

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The city promotes energy saving practices in establishments regulated by the Environmental Services Department (restaurants, convenience stores, etc.)

Grand Connection

Grand Connection Transit Service

The city's transit system for the elderly and disabled, The Grand Connection, uses dispatch software to combine and coordinate trips to reduce the vehicles unnecessarily driving around with only one person on board – again helping reduce emissions.

To become eligible, you must be at least 60 years of age or have a physical or mental disability.

Contact: 972-237-8546 or

City's Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid vehicles

Spending a large portion of their budget on fuel is becoming a thing of the past for the City of Grand Prairie's Housing and Neighborhood Services Department (HNS). HNS Director William A. Hills led the city's conservation efforts this past year by replacing six staff vehicles with Toyota Prius Hybrids, which are twice as efficient as the city’s previously used vehicles.

"These are great little cars," said Hills. "We save lots of money in gasoline and the hybrid is better for the environment."

Housing Enforcement Officers travel 75-100 miles daily and needed something more practical and fuel-efficient. The vehicles that the department previously used, such as the Ford Taurus, would consume an estimated average of $85 per week at $4 per gallon, whereas the Prius cuts that in half requiring only about $35 under identical conditions.

The Toyota Prius, estimated to be the most fuel-efficient car in the country, can be fueled by both gasoline as well as electricity.

This saves HNS about $2,370 per car per year, or a $14,220 total among the six cars. The city bought the six vehicles through a cooperative purchasing program with the Houston-Galveston Area Council of Governments for $143,277.

Methane Gas Project

The city's Methane Gas Project determines ways to utilize naturally-occurring methane gas as an energy source.

Timed Signals

The city's timed traffic signals keep the traffic moving and avoid engines idling at the signal light.


Unified Development Code allows windmills on lots of two acres and larger.