2016 Cultural Art Competition

Hosted By Grand Prairie Sister Cities and the City of Grand Prairie

The purpose of the Cultural Art Competition is to encourage cultural learning among Grand Prairie Independent School District High School students. Students will be asked to select a culture in another country to research. Students should then develop an art piece reflecting the culture they selected.

Entry for the competition is free to all Grand Prairie Resident High School students.

There are two categories students may choose to submit entries to for this competition: painting/sketching submission or creative writing submission. A student may only provide one submission in one of the two categories. The guidelines for each category are listed below:

Painting/Drawing Submission

  • Students may use any traditional drawing medium to complete their art piece
  • Submissions should be completed on printer paper, sketch paper, poster board, or canvas; lined notebook paper is discouraged
  • A 4-5 sentence paragraph describing the cultural relevance of the art piece should accompany the submission
  • Submissions should not exceed 24”x36” and should not be framed
  • Every submission should have a title as well as the student’s name, grade, school, and homeroom teacher’s name on the back of the submission

Creative Writing Submission

  • Students are to compose a creative writing piece (essay, poem, etc.) reflecting some element of the culture they studied
  • Submissions should identify the culture the student selected and must be the student’s original work
  • All submissions must be between 1-2 typed pages, 12 point Times New Roman font

The content of the art piece submissions should be consistent with the GPISD Student Code of Conduct. Submissions should not include or promote any profane, explicit, illegal or offensive material.

Submissions will be judged based on artistic talent and relevance to the cultural exchange topic. If a student’s submission is selected, it may be displayed in a public city facility for an extended period of time. The student’s name and school will accompany the art piece when it is displayed.


The deadline for the delivery of the artwork is Wednesday, March 30th, 2016. A decision of the top two winners in each category will be made in April by the Sister Cities Board of Directors. The winning students will be notified before May 1st.

Delivery of Artwork

Submissions may be delivered in person to City Hall 317 College Street, Grand Prairie, TX 75053. Submissions may also be collected by participating educators at your local high school.

Prize information

Prizes will be donated by various sponsors. Once all donations come in, the specific prize amounts will be communicated via our website. The top two winners in each category will receive a gift card. The top painting/drawing submission will be considered for the National Sister Cities Art competition. This decision will be made before May 1st.


Please send all questions to Andrew Fortune, Assistant to the City Manager and Sister Cities Liaison at afortune@gptx.org.