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Live Life Grand 

The City of Grand Prairie, Texas, offers relaxation, family fun, friendly neighbors and a smart place to live and do business. Learn how we Live Life Grand in Grand Prairie, Texas!



My Neighborhood Information

Just enter your property address (not mailing address) to get detailed information about your neighborhood including your City Council district, City Council member, school district, voter precinct, county, garbage and recycling days, watering days, brush pickup days, nearest library, and nearest park.




City Services Directory

Search the City Services Directory below, give us a call at 972-237-8000, or use an online form or mobile app to request service or report an issue to city staff.


  • Departments:Environmental Services, Environmental Quality
  • Divisions:Public Safety, Alphabetical, City Services & Programs
  • Phone:(972) 237-8055

Have you ever seen paint running down the street into a stormdrain, an abandoned drum on the side of the road, or an unidentifiable liquid in a gutter and wondered who you could call to take care of it?

The city’s Environmental Quality Division remedies human and environmental health hazards. Just call 972-237-8055 to report your pollution concerns.

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