Overhanging Tree Branches Can Delay Emergency Vehicles

Post Date:09/08/2017

Trees must be trimmed to 14 feet above ground surface

Overhanging tree limbs can delay emergency vehicles when seconds make the difference between life and death. The City of Grand Prairie urges property owners to trim tree limbs 14 feet above the ground to allow fire trucks, ambulances, school buses, garbage trucks, postal service and other public service vehicles the ability to pass through safely.

Be “tree-sponsible” and keep limbs trimmed away from traffic signs, signals, street names and other items related to public safety.

For resident convenience, the city will pick up neatly piled brush and limbs that are up to 10 inches in diameter once a month, for more information call 972-237-8525 or visit the Limb and Brush Pickup Program web page

For information regarding overgrown tree limbs in Grand Prairie, please visit the Code Compliance Overhanging Tree Limbs web page.

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