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Holiday Recycling Guide

Know what to throw this holiday season.
Post Date:11/19/2019

One way to bring holiday cheer to the planet this season is by recycling. By following some of these simple tips during your holiday festivities, you will be leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

Gift Wrapping

  • As you stock up on wrapping paper, choose nonmetallic styles and options without glitter so that they may be recycled after use.  Many companies now create their wrapping paper using recycled materials to give the holiday spirit a second life cycle.
  • Break down and recycle any cardboard boxes after unwrapping gifts. You can even choose to store some of these boxes to use the next holiday season.


  • Shop locally for gifts, large manufacturers and brands create a stronger carbon footprint than small businesses.
  • Bring reusable bags to shop for gifts. If you forget your reusable bag, opt to recycle plastic ones at a nearby grocery store.

Holiday Parties

  • Promote recycling at your holiday parties. Provide easy access to recycle aluminum cans and glass bottles and guests will be likely to join in your recycling efforts.
  • Rinse and dry food containers, like eggnog cartons, before recycling. Food waste interferes with recycling systems.


  • Reuse wrapping accessories and decor. Most bows and ribbons are in near perfect condition and can be used the following year saving both money and the planet.
  • Avoid tossing items like holiday lights and tinsel into your recycling bin. Keeping the right materials in recycling facilities allows sorting systems to work more efficiently.
  • Once the festivities are over, recycle your tree rather than sending it to the trash. Tree recycling will be available at the Landfill Dec. 26-Jan. 9. 


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