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Tips for Lawn Care During Heat Wave

How do you help your plants stay healthy during these 100-degree days?
Post Date:08/12/2019 12:29 PM

Water deep but not often to keep your lawn healthy during the heat of the summer 

Should you be worried about your lawn as we head into a week of triple-digit temperatures? Here are our top seven tips on how to save water during a heat wave.

  1. Do not prune or fertilize during stressful periods of summer heat (the last thing you want to do is encourage the plant to produce new growth when it is struggling to survive).
  2. Choose to water early morning (near dawn) or evenings after 6 p.m. when it is cool. This allows for less evaporation and helps your plants deal with the heat of the sun. (Check Grand Prairie’s current water restrictions for more info on when to water.)
  3. When mowing your grass, cut high, which helps the grass use less water, survive higher temperatures, and shade the soil, which reduces evaporation.
  4. Be careful about over watering. Before watering, use a moisture probe or wait to see signs of stress, such as a dull green color, footprints that remain visible after walking on the lawn, or curled blades of grass. Feel the soil around your plants if their leaves droop the morning after you water the plants. If the soil is still moist, you overwatered and need to let the plants recover and dry out.
  5. Water deep, not often. Water should reach 8 to 12 inches down, creating a well of water for plants and trees to draw upon in high heat.
  6. Keep pools covered when not in use. Swimming pool covers should be kept in place as often as possible to reduce water lost to evaporation.
  7. Register for H2Know. New technology in Grand Prairie now allows residents and business owners to keep track of their water usage through communication devices. The system can measure and transmit hourly water usage data. Register today!

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