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GPFD Adds New High-Tech Thermal Imaging Cameras to Standard Gear

Post Date:05/31/2019

The Grand Prairie Fire Department (GPFD) has equipped every riding position with a new handheld high-tech thermal imaging camera to complement their daily standard gear while on duty. The new ©Seek Thermal Reveal Firepro camera, manufactured by Seek Thermal Inc., is enhanced with a 3-mode sensor allowing firefighters to detect various temperatures in diverse rescue scenarios.

“Arming our firefighters with innovative tools is essential when you are in the business of saving lives and property,” said GPFD Chief Robert Fite. “These high-tech thermal imaging cameras will facilitate rescues and keep our firefighters safe in low-visibility environments.”    

New handheld thermal imaging camerasAt $650 each, the 60 newly-purchased thermal imagining cameras come with a built-in photo camera, flashlight, and a variety of color viewing modes to enhance vision and situational awareness. Firefighters using the new thermal imaging cameras will now be able to better see through thick smoke and locate trapped victims in a fire. Or, can switch to survey mode to locate a lost child in a wooded area. They are also smaller and easier to handle compared to the bulkier $11,500 thermal imaging cameras used for years by on-duty GPFD Lieutenants.

“For years we have seen the value of the thermal imaging cameras,” adds Chief Fite, “at such a low-cost for a good-quality product, it makes perfect sense to supply each of our firefighters with a piece of equipment that will enhance their performance and everyone’s safety.”

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