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Home Safety Tips from Atmos Energy

Do you have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home? Have you checked your gas piping lately for leaks?
Post Date:11/30/2018 4:31 PM

Install carbon monoxide detectors in your home

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Atmos Energy recommend consumers install carbon monoxide (CO) detectors that have an audible alarm when unsafe levels of CO are detected.

CO is a colorless, odorless gas that is produced by incomplete combustion of heating appliances, portable generators and automobile engines. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states CO’s toxic fumes are impossible to see, taste or smell, and therefore can be deadly.

Read more about Carbon Monoxide Safety (from the Atmos Energy website)

Check your natural gas lines

In Texas you are responsible for any natural gas piping on your property from the Atmos Energy's gas meter to your home or business. Atmos Energy does not maintain the natural gas lines on your property beyond their meter; this is the same as other utilities, such as your electrical wiring and water pipes. 

Your buried gas piping should be inspected periodically for leaks. If buried piping is not maintained, it may be subject to the potential hazards of corrosion and leakage.

Learn more about how to safely maintain your natural gas lines (from the Atmos Energy website)

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