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New City Water Metering Solution - H2Know

Customers can now monitor and manage water usage from an online customer portal...
Post Date:07/02/2018 9:22 AM

Beginning in July, a new network of water meters and communication devices in Grand Prairie will allow customers to monitor and manage water usage from an online customer portal accessible from personal computers and mobile devices. The new system, named H2Know, measures and transmits hourly water usage data—older systems could only provide a single monthly usage total.

With the new system, customers will have the power to:

• Receive automatic alerts of higher than normal usage spikes within a day of their occurrence

• Receive automatic alerts of long term continuous usage (indicating possible leaks)

• Establish a monthly “water budget” and be alerted when reached or exceeded

• Monitor usage patterns such as irrigation to better manage the frequency and duration of watering

This system will also help the city find and repair its own leaks, better manage its Water Conservation Programs and provide more useful information to customers. To access H2Know, customers can register online,