Fire Hydrant Meter Information

Fire Hydrant Meters are used in situations where water services are requested but no in-ground meters are available.

Reserve / Rent Fire Hydrant

In order to reserve and rent a Fire Hydrant Meter, a company representative must complete an application/contract and place a minimum $2,500.00 security deposit.


Applications can be completed at the Utility Customer Service office located in City Hall at 300 W. Main St, or applications can be requested/sent, completed and returned by email at It is recommended that advance contact be made at 972-237-8200 to ensure that meters are available; however, meters will not be reserved until the security deposit has been received. The security deposit will be applied to the final charges once the meter has been returned in good condition.


Readings for Fire Hydrant Meters must be reported monthly between the 20-25th of each month. Readings can be reported by phone at 972-237-8378 or by email at Failure to report readings by the 25th will result in a non-refundable $250.00 service charge and estimated usage charges.


Meters must be inspected and serviced every 3 months at our Warehouse facility. To schedule this service, please contact our Utility Warehouse at 972-237-8440. The warehouse is located at 516 Small Hill Street. Failure to bring in the meter will result in non-refundable fees and possible termination of your Fire Hydrant Meter contract.

The meter is the responsibility of the customer/contractor while in their possession and will be held responsible for charges and fees if the meter is lost, stolen or damaged. Meters reported stolen must be accompanied by a Police Report. Deposits for lost or stolen meters will be forfeited and estimated charges will be billed.

Fire Hydrant Flushing

When you see a fire hydrant wide open allowing water to flow down the street, the city of Grand Prairie is “flushing” the water lines in that area. This process moves water through the pipelines at a fast enough rate to clean the lines, clear stagnant water and ensure the water the city delivers to your home is of the highest quality. We agree and sympathize with our residents who call concerning what may be perceived as “wasting the water,” but rest assured we will only flush the lines when we have to and it is a necessary part of protecting our public health by providing safe, quality consumable water.