Roadway Improvements

I-20 Frontage Roads between SH 161 and Belt Line Road

The I-20 frontage roads between SH 161 and Belt Line Road are under construction (partially open), with completion set for early 2023, opening 318 acres for new development.

Expected to End: In 2023

Beginning Thursday Jan. 28, the traffic on Robinson Road will be shifted from the temporary lanes to the permanent configuration where it passes under I-20. The frontage road access will remain the same (EB to Robinson from Lake Ridge / SH 161 and WB from Robinson to Lake Ridge / SH 161). Delays are expected during the changeover as the traffic signals and striping need to be changed to accommodate the new traffic patterns.

The next stage of construction will begin on Tuesday, Feb. 2 at Carrier and I-20. Delays are anticipated as these changes are made. The NBLT to access the WBFR at Carrier will be closed. The SB right lane will be opened for traffic traveling south to access the new I-20 WBFR to travel west to I-20, although the existing entrance ramp will be closed and access to I-20 west will have to be made via the frontage road, through the intersections at Robinson and Lake Ridge / SH 161 to the next available entrance ramp. There will be TXDOT approved detours posted for I-20 west traffic, which will be to direct traffic to I-20 EBFR east and u-turn at Belt Line (FM 1382) to travel west on IH 20. An unofficial, alternate suggestion detour to I-20 west would be using Westchester to Robinson from NB Carrier. This alternate suggestion will not have detour signing as the official detour will have already been posted, and is merely an alternative suggestion. This will mean the WBFR at Robinson will be open to traffic for those following the WB I-20 detour from Carrier.

Carrier at IH 20 Phase 2 Construction

Carrier to IH 20 WB Alternate Route

I-20 Frontage Road Turn Lane

New construction of a deceleration/turn lane between Prairie Ridge and Outlet Parkway for Cardinal Health

Construction timeline: June 28, 2021-Sept. 24, 2021

Camp Wisdom Widening

The city, Dallas County and city of Dallas will begin construction to widen Camp Wisdom from Carrier to Belt Line from two to four lanes.

Affected Direction: Eastbound and Westbound  

Expected to End: Construction expected to begin mid-2020, with completion by 2022.

Map of Camp Wisdom Widening Project

South Carrier Parkway

As part of the I-20 frontage road project, TxDOT will close Carrier Parkway southbound lanes north of I-20 to Towne Crossing and reroute traffic two-way on the northbound lanes. Then it will flip flop. All the stores around Carrier and I-20 remain open for business; you just may have to work around construction to get to an open entrance. This will continue for about 24 months, complete by 2022.

Affected Direction: Northbound & Southbound  

Expected to End: Mid 2022

Hill Street

Hill Street westbound will be closed from Northwest 16th Street to State Highway 161.

Expected End Date: Sept. 30, 2021

Detour Map:

Hill Street

I-30 Frontage Roads

TxDOT is building frontage roads on I-30. Belt Line to MacArthur frontage roads are open. The balance will be complete by 2022.

Expected to End: In 2022

Map of I-30 Frontage roads

Seeton Road

The city is widening Seeton Road from Mira Flores to Day Miar Road, from a two-lane asphalt to a three-lane concrete road, with completion anticipated in 2022. The first phase, currently under construction, closed Seeton Road to make major drainage improvements at Tafee Creek requiring the roadway closure at that location and as shown on the attached exhibit. This phase is anticipated to open in summer 2021, depending on the weather. Drivers can detour as per the attached map. Other phases to follow. Stay tuned to for future updates.

Affected Direction: Northbound & Southbound

Expected to End: 2022

View Seeton Road Phase 1 Construction(PDF, 2MB)

Stadium Drive

The city is creating a new access point to I-30 by extending Stadium Drive to the frontage road this year.

Affected Direction: Northbound & Southbound

Expected to End: 2022

President George Bush Turnpike I-20 to I-30

TxDOT and NTTA are adding an additional lane both ways on SH 161 from I-30 to 183 in 2020, to be complete in 2022.

Affected Direction: Northbound & Southbound

Expected to End: 2022

SH 360 from I-20 to I-30

TxDOT is adding one southbound and one northbound lane on SH 360 from I-20 to I-30.

Affected Direction: Northbound & Southbound

Expected to End: In 2021

Map of 360 where lanes will be added

Corn Valley

Corn Valley will be closed from Raquet Ball Dive to Kirby Creek Drive

Project timeline: June 14, 2021-August 1, 2021

San Antonio Street

Curbs and gutters will be reconstructed on San Antonio Street from SW 23rd Street to 18th Street.

Construction timeline: April 12, 2021 - Nov. 5, 2021.

Valentino Way

Valentino Way will be closed at Camp Wisdom Road for concrete reconstruction of the roadway.

Project timeline: April 27, 2021 - August 2021