COVID-19 Vaccine in Grand Prairie

COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card 

CDC recommends COVID-19 vaccination for everyone 6 months and older to help protect against COVID-19.

COVID-19 vaccination locations in Grand Prairie

Albertson's Pharmacy

214 N Carrier Pkwy
Grand Prairie, TX 75050


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Agrace Pharma

721 W Tarrant Rd, Ste. 110
Grand Prairie, TX 75050


Limited supply when available. Call for available appointments.

CVS Pharmacy / Multiple Locations

810 W Pioneer Pkwy Grand Prairie, TX 75051

4203 S Carrier Pkwy Grand Prairie, TX 75052

700 E Main St Grand Prairie, TX 75050

5195 Lake Ridge Pkwy Grand Prairie, TX 75052

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Dallas County Health and Human Services

Various locations


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Kroger Pharmacy / Multiple Locations

2525 W-IH 20
Grand Prairie, TX 75052


313 E Pioneer Pkwy
Grand Prairie, TX 75051


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Medicure Family Clinic/Joavia Health PLLC.

1038 N Carrier Pkwy
Grand Prairie, TX 75051


Limited supply when available. Call for available appointments.

Mi Doctor

410 E Pioneer Pkwy Ste. 300
Grand Prairie, TX 75051


Limited supply when available. Call for available appointments.

Peace Health Clinic

830 Mayfield Road, Suite 100
Grand Prairie, TX 75052

469-999-0009 or 469-552-2575

Covid-19 vaccine is free with or without insurance.

Pfizer for ages 5-11 and 12 and up; and Moderna for age 18 and above.

Call to make an appointment. Walk-ins welcome.

Prime Care Wellness Center, LLC

2950 W. Camp Wisdom Rd, Suite100
Grand Prairie, TX 75052


We provide Moderna, Pfizer and Novavax COVID vaccines. Vaccination appointments available for all adults and children 3 years of age and up. Appointment required.

Purple Hearts Primary Care Services, PLLC

688 W. Pioneer Parkway
Grand Prairie, TX 75051


Limited supply when available. Call for available appointments.

Reliant Family Medicine & Pediatrics

929 Pioneer Parkway, Suite A
Grand Prairie, TX 75051


Limited supply when available. Call for available appointments.

Sam's Club

2325 W-IH 20 Grand Prairie, TX 75052

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Tarrant County Public Health

Various locations


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Texas Department of State Health Services

Multiple locations


Unlimited Pharmacy

2985 SH 360, Suite 145
Grand Prairie, TX 75052


Limited supply when available. Call for available appointments.

Walgreens / Multiple Locations

507 S. Carrier Parkway
Grand Prairie, TX 75051


4103 S Great SW Pkwy
Grand Prairie, TX 75052


802 E. Pioneer Parkway
Grand Prairie, TX 75051


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Walmart / Multiple Locations

2225 W-IH 20
Grand Prairie, TX 75052

2650 SH 161
Grand Prairie, TX 75052


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COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


Who's eligible to get the vaccine now?

CDC recommends COVID-19 vaccination for everyone 6 months and older to help protect against COVID-19.

What is the status of the COVID-19 vaccines that are being developed?

There are currently several vaccines under development. The FDA has granted an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines and may choose to give other vaccines the same approval based on the careful review of the safety data. Additional COVID-19 vaccines in development are expected to be available in 2021.

How effective are the approved vaccines?

Two COVID-19 vaccines (produced by Pfizer and Moderna Therapeutics), report being 95 percent effective.

How many different vaccines are there?

In the United States, the federal government’s Operation Warp Speed has contracted with six different vaccine manufacturers to begin manufacturing their vaccine prior to receiving FDA approval or Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

How do we know the vaccine is safe?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has a known and proven process for the verification of vaccines, and while these COVID-19 vaccines have been made available quickly, no step in the safety and efficacy process was skipped. The FDA issued EUAs for the first COVID-19 vaccines, only after enough scientific data was shown to indicate the vaccines safety and efficacy in a clear and compelling manner.

The current vaccines, even those with EUAs, continue through a trial phase, where they are tracking their volunteers to learn more about the long-term outcomes of taking the vaccine.

For more information on safety, visit the CDC Vaccine Safety web page.

Can the vaccine give you the virus?

The initial vaccines being considered, both Pfizer and Moderna, do not contain live virus, which means they cannot give someone COVID-19. Additionally, recipients of the vaccine are not contagious and cannot spread COVID-19.

It is possible for someone to be infected with COVID-19 prior to receiving the vaccine and thus they would be contagious as any other person infected with COVID-19 and could still test positive on a COVID-19 diagnostic PCR, or rapid test. An uninfected vaccine recipient however would not test positive on a PCR or rapid test but could test positive on an antibody-based test.

What companies are manufacturing the COVID-19 vaccine?

Vaccine Manufacturer Technology Dose & Interval
Pfizer m-RNA Two doses 21 days apart
Moderna Therapeutics m-RNA Two doses 28 days apart
Johnson & Johnson Viral Vector (non-replicating) Single dose
AstraZeneca Viral Vector (non-replicating) Two doses 28 days apart

Will there be enough COVID-19 vaccine for everyone?

Though the initial supply of the COVID-19 vaccine will be limited, additional doses of the vaccine will be available as manufacturing and distribution ramp up. Initial doses are being allocated for critical populations, including health care workers, other essential workers, and people more likely to develop severe disease, like older adults and those with underlying health conditions. See the Texas Health and Human Services:

COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation Guiding Principles and Health Care Workers Definition(PDF, 725KB)

Do I need a vaccine if I already had COVID-19?

Yes. The vaccine is recommended for people who previously have been infected with COVID-19. Vaccination of persons with current SARS-CoV-2 infection should be deferred until the person has recovered from acute illness and they can discontinue isolation. While there is no minimum interval between infection and vaccination, current evidence suggests reinfection is uncommon in the 90 days after initial infection. Persons with documented acute SARS-CoV-2 infection in the preceding 90 days may delay vaccination until near the end of this period, if desired.

Can I choose which vaccine I want to take?

Perhaps, when the supply of vaccines from all manufacturers becomes readily available. The vaccines will roll out across the country as they are approved for use by the FDA. Once there are multiple vaccines available, you will be able to inquire with providers to see which vaccine they have on hand, but individual providers may offer or only make one vaccine option available.

Once I recieve COVID-19 vaccine, should I continue to wear a mask?

Until a vast majority of the public is inoculated with the vaccine, and more is learned about the immunity produced by the vaccines, people need to continue the current preventative measures to stop the spread of the virus. While the vaccine is the most important tool in controlling the pandemic, it is not a magic bullet that can end the pandemic right away. However as more and more people get the vaccine and/or develop natural immunity, we will get to the point where masks and social distancing are no longer needed.

Can my child get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Yes. The CDC has authorized the use of Pfizer and Moderna in all people 6 months of age and older.

Will the COVID-19 vaccines require special handling?

Each vaccine has different storage and preparation requirements. Public Health staff who handle vaccines are trained on storing, handling and preparing them safely to ensure the viability of every vaccine dose.

How much will a COVID-19 vaccine cost?

The vaccine is free. Operation Warp Speed, a federal program, is paying all the costs associated with vaccinations.

Is getting a COVID-19 vaccine immunization mandatory?

COVID-19 vaccinations are voluntary, but it is strongly recommended that all eligible persons receive the vaccine.

How many doses of vaccine will I need?

It is important to understand which vaccine you are receiving. The majority of the vaccines will require two doses.